imoo watch phone Z5 settings and imoo Z5 specifications

imoo Watch Phone Z5

imoo Watch Phone Z5 is supported by setting an easy way to stay connected with the baby, the features and specifications of the imoo Z5 look better than the imoo watch phone Y1. Z5 from imoo is equipped with HD video calls and has been supported with a 4G network.

imoo watch phone Z5 will complete the happiness of your baby, Z5 has also been equipped with a Class Mode that can be adjusted through the settings of the imoo watch phone application, so that when school children can concentrate on learning well.

imoo Z5 watch phone

imoo Z5 has been equipped with HD video call support so parents can see the child whenever and wherever and can see the environment around the child where he is, besides imoo Z5 watch phone has also been supported with wi-fi network.

How to Setting imoo Watch Phone Z5

If you have just bought an imoo wacth Z5 smart watch, to be able to use and be able to connect between a parent's cell phone with an imoo Z5 watch, then all you have to do is set the imoo watch phone with your cell phone to sync.

1. Initial Steps Setting Imoo Watch Phone Z5

  • SIM Card Selection
    Users can use sim cards, imoo Z5 already supports 4G LTE network
  • SIM Card Registration
    If you use a new SIM card then you are required to register first, (imoo watch phone uses nano SIM card size)
  • Activate the Package
    Activate the phone package and internet package contents with a minimum of 30MB per month
  • SIM Card Installation
    Make sure the watch imoo watch phone is turned off, then open the card cover and attach the card parallel to the cover and then close it by pressing on all parts
  • Activate imoo Watch Phone
    Press on the on / off button to activate imoo watch phone Z5
  • Download / download the imoo watch phone Z5 application
    For imoo watch phone to watch your child's watch connected to the cell phone of a parent or family, you must download the imoo watch phoneZ5 application on your Android phone and install it, by visiting the Google Play Store
  • After completing installing the imoo Z5 application, open the imoo watch phone application that you have installed on the phone then select the list menu to create an account on the watch phone application, then enter the parent's phone number and press the next button.
  • Enter the verification code you have received and press the next button
  • Then enter the password and press the finish button
  • click tie watch → Scroll to QR code page → Scan to connect (first mobile will function as admin)

2. imoo Z5 Location and other check Settings

1. Open the imoo watch phone Z5 application

2. On the main page find the location check function, telephone, conversation function and battery monitor imoo watch phone, you can set the class mode by setting the time
Then swipe the phone screen to the left, to add another child imoo account by pressing add watch → swipe right to find other settings such as contact list → add contact so that the number is registered on your child's imoo watch phone.

3. The telephone number you added can only be used to call only, if you want to be able to use the positioning and conversation functions, you must download the imoo watch phone application and scan the imoo watch QR code view and send authorization to the admin → Admin will receive a new message and need approval from admin of the request

3. Imoo Watch Phone Z5 Safe Protective Feature Settings

  • Select home wi-fi → time → then activate
  • Activity schedule feature → add plan → save for daily / weekly schedule → Watch settings, language, bright screen time, sound, and time display format

4. How to Add Contacts between imoo Watch Phone Z5

To add contacts between IMOs, you can easily do this by finding friends and then getting closer between IMOOO watchphones.

5. How to Setting imoo watch phone class mode

Class mode settings can be adjusted and set by parents, where children are at school or at home study hours should class mode settings be activated, so that children can focus on learning, what technology is very useful if used as needed

imoo Watch Phone Z5 has attractive specifications

1. imoo Watch Phone Brings a Nice and Cool Design

imoo wath phone is designed with an ideal design by creating a 1.41-inch screen that has been adjusted to the size of the arms of children from ages 5 to 14 years, imoo Z5 is very safe and comfortable to wear.

Imoo Z5 children watch phone is supported with AMOLED Super Retina screen with 320 x 360 resolution design with pixel density reaching 342pixel, with screen support from Amoled the baby's sense of sight will be safe, because the material from Amoled emitted very minimal blue light.

imoo Z5 has been supported with IPX8 technology so imoo watch phone dares to be invited to play water, rain or swim, imoo Z5 is waterproof up to a depth of 20 meters, so there is no need to remove the imoo watch when playing with water.

2. imoo Watch Phone Z5 supported 5MP Camera

What is interesting again imoo Z5 watch phone has been equipped with a camera with a lens resolution of 5 mega pixels wide angel, can include objects that are more and broader, imoo Z5 is able to provide beautiful photos to capture the baby's childhood.

3. imoo Watch Phone Z5 Has a Strong Performance

imoo Z5 is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor so that it can work with strong performance with the use of more efficient battery power with maximum and satisfying performance.

in addition to reliable CPU support, the imoo Z5 has also been equipped with a large battery energy with a capacity of 680mAh which is designed with the world's leading nano silicon anode technology, a small and lightweight battery, but its energy capacity is large and safe.

4. imoo Watch Phone Z5 supports 4G LTE

imoo Z5 has been supported by 4G LTE network for all GSM operators, of course the imoo Z5 is better than the previous version of imoo namely imoo Y1 which is only supported by 2G networks.

With 4G support will bring a pleasant experience, of course connectivity to the network will be better and more optimal, will present a better signal and clearer calls.

How to Setting imoo Watch Phone Z5 To Connect with Parent Cellphones you can do it easily with the application that has been provided through the Google Play Store, after you download and install it you can directly set up imoo Z5.

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